What we do


We check on the possibilities of any import or export projects and show you the different options for the development of your project through SWOT and PESTLE diagnoses.

It includes specific market research, competitors, pricing, marketing, customs, logistics and more in a Business Intelligence document.


After detecting and knowing the target for your product we help you with the logistics management of the project through the Group's companies specialized in each field.

Not only we tell you the best way to develop the project to minimize risks, but also help you to complete the project in a realistic way.


We have a wide range of services for our customers to minimize costs and maximize the project´s potential, while maintaining complete control of it from a command center.

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Complete services

How we do it

We use the most advanced virtual tools such as an online project manager, online calendars, online store, intelligent newsletter, virtual classrooms, and digital access billing applications for its use on mobile devices, to be in close contact with our customers and have control over projects and efficient administration, supporting also ecological conservation.

Human Factor
For us, the human factor is very important. We are next to our customers in every step of the project in a personalized manner. Our customers are not a number. Every customer has an executive and a project manager to be aware of the details and at any moment and get immediate attention to your project.

Business Network
Through the years of experience our company has consolidated a business network around the world that we offer to our customers projects. We also have offices directly in some countries such as: Italy, Spain, Canada, Brazil and Argentina which provide the same services. All of these companies are founding members of International E Group (see the link at the bottom of the page)

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Our staff has wide proven experience in different areas of expertise required in each project such as international trade specialists, taxing management, international business, customs, transportation, marketing, psychology, communications, ecology and others who are in continuous training to maximize the added value of their services.